Mission & Values


Lighting Maintenance & Service, Inc. is a company distinguished by the exceptional service we provide, by the value we place on our employees, and by how well we manage our company. Within our industry, we set a high standard of excellence and quality. Realizing this mission challenges us and adds value to our lives.


Exceptional Service

We are committed to provide the highest level of quality service possible. We continuously seek to understand what is most important to our customers and then work to exceed their expectations. This commitment to our customers influences everything we do and involves everyone in the organization.


We acknowledge the critical role our employees play in the success of the company especially when it comes to providing a quality service. Therefore, we are committed to attracting the best people and cultivating their loyalty by providing a positive work environment, opportunities for personal development, fair evaluation of performance, and sincere recognition of achievement.

Well Run Company

Our managers are leaders committed to providing the support and resources everyone needs to succeed and to provide the best possible service for our customers. We pursue financial strategies which are prudent but which allow us to aggressively pursue our long-term objectives. We manage the business for better than industry-average profits, good cash flow, low debt, and long term financial stability.


We maintain at all times the highest level of honesty and credibility in all our relationships, both as individuals and as a company.


We are committed to creating and promoting a safe work environment where our employees have the skills, the training and equipment to keep them as safe as possible at all times. Our management fully supports and enforces the training and policies, which helps keep everyone safe and healthy.


We carefully establish our objectives, set our budgets, and determine our goals. Once our objectives are in place, we are focused and committed to them. We are committed to reach or exceed our goals and objectives as defined by our plans.


We are committed to doing our part to save and enhance the environment and we encourage our employees and customers to do likewise. Accordingly, we make reasonable efforts to handle waste materials properly, recycle where feasible, reduce pollution, and use energy wisely.