Indoor Lighting Services

All lighting services are done by NALMCO certified technicians with fully stocked service vans. This means the work will be done correctly and efficiently, saving our customers money.


Scheduled Service

We offer lighting services on a regular schedule to suit your needs. This service helps to manage maintenance costs while keeping your lighting system properly maintained.

On Call Maintenance

Lighting repairs and service provided on an “as need” basis, any time day or night.

Cleaning & Group Relamping

This is a preventative maintenance approach which helps keep costs in line, maintain appropriate light levels, and reduce unsightly outages.

Hard To Reach Lighting

We have the proper equipment  to safely service difficult-to-reach lighting, for example: high ceilings, showrooms, stairwells, lobbies, auditoriums, or other unique spaces.

Upgrades & retrofits

Renovation of existing lighting and/or installation of new, more efficient lighting lets you take advantage of newer technologies which lower owning and operating costs, and reduces your system’s impact on the environment. In many cases, utility rebates will pay up to 80% of the upgrade costs.