Lighting System Design & Upgrades

LMS is fully capable of redesigning and upgrading lighting systems to reduce costs, provide appropriate light levels, and/or solve lighting related problems.


Lighting System Evaluation

We offer comprehensive surveys and evaluations of lighting systems to determine the best ways to maximize efficiency, lower your costs, and care for the environment.

System Upgrade

Replacement of existing lighting fixtures with new, highly efficient fixtures and components will help significantly reduce your owning and operating costs.

Lighting Retrofits

We can rebuild existing lighting systems using new, highly efficient components.

Energy Savings

More efficient lighting fixtures and components use less energy to reduce your costs and help the environment.

Maintenance Savings

New lighting fixtures and components are designed to last longer, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Utility Incentives

Utility incentives can pay up to 80% of the cost of qualifying lighting upgrades.

Lighting Controls

Installing lighting controls from simple occupancy sensors to daylight harvesting systems, will add significant cost savings to any project.