Outdoor Lighting Services

LMS has a variety of outdoor lift equipment with working heights up to 85’. All are fully stocked and operated by NALMCO certified technicians and licensed electricians. This means our customers can count on the job being done safely, correctly, and cost effectively.


Scheduled Service

We offer lighting services on a regular schedule to suit your needs. This service helps  manage maintenance costs while keeping your lighting system properly maintained.

Night Inspection Program

We can perform after-dark inspections of your exterior lighting and signs to identify outages and help manage risk.

On Call Maintenance

Repairs and service provided on an “as need” basis, any time day or night.

Pole Replacement

We remove, re-install, or replace concrete pole bases, poles, and lighting fixtures when damaged.

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

Replacement of existing fluorescent and HID lighting fixtures with new LED lighting significantly reduces owning and operating costs. Often, utility rebates will pay for much of the initial cost.